All of u/ProfessorSTAFF’s card sleeve reviews

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After watching u/ProfessorSTAFF‘s latest card sleeve review, and seeing his summary of all of his sleeve reviews at the end, I realized how daunting it would be for new players to go through all of those videos to determine which sleeves are right for them. I made the table below to catalog the reviews, sorted by score, and hopefully make it easier to find the Professor’s review of a particular sleeve. The links in the table jump directly to the particular sleeve’s review in the relevant video.

Note: Reviews of inner sleeves are not included.

Sleeve Grade
KMC Hyper Mat A+
Dragon Shield Matte A-
Dragon Shield A-
Dragon Shield Copper A-
KMC Hyper Mat Premium A-
KMC Super Series A-
Dragon Shield Fusion A- / B+
Legion Illustrated Matte B+
Legion Double Matte B+
Legion Double Matte Teal B+
Inked Playmats Illustrated B+ / B
Dex Protection Hyper Mat B
Player’s Choice B
Yanoman 100 Ct Original B
Ultimate Guard Supreme Matte B-
Ultra Pro Pro Slayer B- / C+
Ultimate Guard Supreme C+
Ultra Pro Pro-Matte C
Ultra Pro Standard C
BCW Double Matte C
Monster Super Matte C
Ultra Pro Metallic C-
Ultra Pro Japanese C-
Ultra Pro Illustrated C-
Fantasy Flight C-
Fantasy Flight Illustrated C-
Ultimate Guard Supreme Metallic D+
Legion Glossy D+
Dek*Prot D
RFG Rounded D
Legion Elder Dragon Lair D
Max Protection Neo Sleeves D-
Ultra Pro Deck Protector Illustrated F
Max Protection Tournament F
Max Protection Alpha F

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