LSV: Vintage Cube 推荐的几种抓法

Magic Online 5年前 (2018) TONYHEAD
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In order to convince you to dip your toes into Cube, take a look at the four best archetypes.
1. Mono-Red Aggro
Funnily enough, 1-drops and Bolts is the most winning strategy in Vintage Cube. The plan is to draft a super low curve, pick up a ton of burn, and play only two or so cards that cost 4 mana (and none above that). It’s crucial you stay mono-red, as having color issues spells disaster.
2. White Weenie
Coming in second is mono-white aggro, which replaces burn with disruptive elements, and has slightly higher quality creatures. To make this successful, you really want to find Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, as she’s the best card by far.
3. Green Ramp
This deck is based off of Elves and giant monsters, and a good version can do some really broken things. You want 6-8 accelerants, with Rofellos being the best, and a bunch of 6+ drops to ramp into. One tip here is to avoid the midrange cards—Master of the Wild Hunt, Thrun, and the like aren’t how you win games. This deck can also easily splash other colors, most often blue.
4. Blue-Red Combo
Of all decks, this is the best when it comes together. The only reason it’s not ranked higher is because you will often fight 2-4 other players for it, while the mono-color decks above are frequently wide open. Here, you are pairing blue card draw and counters with combos like Kiki-Jiki + Pestermite or Sneak Attack + Eldrazi. I love drafting this deck, and when I do, I focus on broken cards, then cheap disruption (Remand/Spell Pierce/Mana Leak) then card draw, with win conditions as something to pick up later.
Bonus: The worst archetype in Cube.
This spell-based combo deck is horrendous. It has the lowest win-rate, and often falls apart because it needs a ton of different pieces. That said, I often try to draft it, as my way to give back to the community. Happy holidays, everyone.


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